6 Days Emergency Food Rations & Water Packs for Emergency Kits, Survival Kits

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6 Days Emergency Food Rations & Water Packs for Emergency Kits, Survival Kits & Disaster Preparedness - (3) 2400-calorie rations & 12 water pouches.

6 day emergency supply - food and water for one person up to 6 days (144 Hours) or for two people up to 3 Days (72 Hours). 

Product Highlights

  • Each emergency food packet comes in pre-measured ready-to-eat 400 calorie rations and requires no preparation. Choose from 1200 calorie, 2400 calorie, and 3600 calorie packets, each sold separately.
  • Food bars are non-thirst provoking, has no cholesterol or tropical oils, and no peanuts or peanut oil.
  • Each emergency drinking water pouch is packed individually (4.225 oz), which makes it easy to dispense and ration; no cups needed.
  • Certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to remain fresh for up to 5-years from date of manufacture.
  • Use as a starter emergency kit, add to or replace your existing supplies.
  • We guarantee you'll get at least 3 years of shelf life when purchased. Feel free to ask us for the expiration date before you make a purchase. 


Product Description and Additional Details

Use these emergency food and emergency water packs as a starter emergency kit. The various packs are also perfect for adding to or replenishing your existing supplies. Why buy an entire box or bag when all you need is to add to or replenish your existing emergency bags? 

Emergency Food Rations come in 1,200 calorie, 2,400, calorie, or 3,600 calorie food bars (each sold separately):

  • Meets SOLAS 74/83 requirements
  • Non-Thirst Provoking – no water required for consumption
  • No Cholesterol or Tropical Oils
  • No peanuts or peanut oil
  • Pleasant lemon flavor


Emergency Drinking Water:

  • No Oxygen Transfer (no chance of bacterial contamination)
  • Pre-measured packets (4.225 oz) make water easy to dispense and ration, no cups needed
  • Potential for loss minimized, easy to transport, excellent for primary response.
  • Lightweight, Portable and Easy to Grab in the event of an evacuation.


US Coast Guard approved, 5-year shelf life emergency food and emergency water can withstand temperatures between -40°F to 300°F (food) and -40°F to 210°F (water). Guaranteed 3 year shelf life when purchased.

Made in the USA.